LightIO was started by Mr. Yong Yan in Sunnyvale, California in 2001 with the idea of using a light beam to operate computers. The original purpose is to solve the problem of Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) from using computers. It was thought that the light beam can be used to avoid forces in fingers and minimize the impact of input devices on the users. However, the first release of such a device in 2004, a penlight operated keyboard brought on other problems. It took too much movement of the hand to enter characters.

But the idea of using light to control input devices still seems good and the research and development continued to overcome technical and usability challenges one after another. The research areas have been expanded to ergonomics, biomechanical movement of the hands, optical sensor technologies, and algorithm development. Over the years, many features have been tried and tested. Several generations of the products have been developed and some of them found limited acceptance in the market place. In 2010, it was found that a pad like base with optical sensors is the best form so far as it solves many issues and without requiring too much learning. It is also best for people with injuries or arthritis on hands to avoid pain.

Our mission is to build a pain-free future for the mankind using various new technologies. Thus we also develop and market related products that can heal the injury and relieve pains.

Since then, we have been issued patents in both U.S. ahnd Chinna, and have filed more patent applications. Our team has been working tenaciously to bring products to the market place. We welcome any feedback or suggestions from anybody.

The Ergonomic Touchless Keyboard was released in December, 2012.

The Touchless Camera-Keyboard was invented by Mr. Yong Yan and became available in April, 2020. This breakthrough of tecnology heralds the coming new era of touchless computing interface for the general public.