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neck & shoulder pain caused by typing

pain and RSI from computing!


Dan Duong California, USA
The product is very ideal for people who have the hands/wrist/shoulder problem. I use it and my hand and wrist feel more comfortable.


Kathryn Shagas Maryland, USA
I am a coder in a hospital. I use your touchless products to prevent Repetitive Strain Injuries. I'd love to have more touchless products in my life.


Mary Jo Harrison Wisconsin, USA
I received the LightIO touchless keyboard and touchpad. I am very pleased with both items. They work better then I expected. I am recommending them to family and friends. Thank you

Why Touchless Computing?

Explore below to see how your health and productivity would benefit from Touchless Computing.

1. Touchless means no force on fingers

Hitting, or force on tissues can cause pain and Reptitive Strain Injuries. The painful feeling will no longer be assocated with using touchless computing devices, and the injured tissues will start to heal.



2. Free up the posture

Touchless also means you can use a stylus, and free up the posture of the wrists and arms. It also means no need for strong support and can be placed in more places and directions, further free up the posture constraint for the body.

3. Faster reponse, higher performance, more productivity

When the fngers no longer need to press down mechanical buttons, when the finger tips no longer need to stay in enough contact with a surface, they can move faster. And the device can respond faster than a human can. This freedom from force and friction drag leads to better performance and productivity. Reduced labor and fatigue will also boost productivity.