This model is sold out and no longer in production. But if you do like its small size, please let us know and we may revamp it.

Avoid force on fingers, strain on wrists, this touchless keyboard from LightIO is designed to remove most of the causes of pain and injuries from typing on keyboards.

You can type fast, do less work, change postures and avoid repetitive strain injuries!

Length: 4.1 inches / 10.5cm;Width: 7.2 inches / 18.2cm
Height: 0.39 inches / 1.0cm;Weight: 4.3 oz / 122g
USB Keyboard: Windows, Mac, Linux; no software installation

Price:     $79.99       60-day money back guarantee!

Designed for health and performance:

1. Your fingers can be free from touching and pressing related force and strain.

The technology is using 2 infrared beams crossing above each key label. You make a key stroke by blocking both of the crossing beams above the key label with your finger or any opaque object, such as a pencil or a non-transparent bendy-straw. In this this way, you don't have to touch anything or use force to push anything.

This means no more hitting forces on your swelling arthritis in hand, especially arthritis in finger. Also the force and pressure on your carpal tunnel is significantly reduced. The work done by fingers is reduced to 0 in the sense of physics. The typing speed for each key is faster. We've found that the most comfortable way of typing is to use a bendy-straw to operate this keyboard so that the wrist can be positioned neutral and avoid the pressure from bending on your carpal tunnel almost completely:

Bendy straw Operation gives hands the most relief, a great way to avoid hand pain from typing.

You can use a bendy straw to type. You won't feel any hitting force on your finger or bending pressure of the wrist. You can move the bendy straw as fast as you like without causing unintended key hits.

The head of the bendy straw needs to be opaque. In this case, a small piece of paper (a shopping receipt) is rolled into a stick and inserted into the bendy straw.

If you have injuries or arthritis in hand, arthritis in finger, or carpal tunnel syndrome, typing may no longer be a painful activity. That's why this touchless ergonomics keyboard is the best computer keyboard for people with arthritis in hand, especially arthritis in finger, or carpal tunnel syndrome to resume productivity without suffering from hand pain.

One hand operation avoids stress on many joints.

This model is designed to be operated by one hand each unit. In this way, the keyboard can be placed to suit the natural direction of the hand and avoid the pressure on the wrist and shoulder. The keyboard can also be moved at will to avoid fixed static poture - another majore reason for body pains and RSI.

2. Your posture can be as comfortable and changeable as you like. Avoiding RSI!

Incorrect posture, or fixed static posture, is the major cause of RSI (Repetitive Strain Injury), especially carpal tunnel syndrome, as many people believe. No matter what posture you like to use, if you keep it for too long, some part of your body will be strained and may lead to pain and injury, and may not limit to hand pain only. The good way is to change your posture from time to time to avid tension development. This is not just for preventing the carpal tunnel syndrome, but also the back pain too.

Because this touchless keyboard is so small and light, and yet it doesn't need strong support for the pressing force, your posture can be in many forms as you feel comfortable with, and change at will. This capability makes this touchless ergonomics keyboard the best computer keyboard for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome, as well as back pain.

The most comfortable posture?

Holding this keyboard in one hand, resting it on a lap, make yourself comfortable, and use fingers of another hand... This posture avoids a lot of the body strain, as well as the pain from carpal tunnel syndrome or lower back injury. If you don't want to use fingers, use a pencil instead.

4. Injuries from over use can also be avoided.

A major cause of RSI, and carpal tunnel syndrome, is the over use of a muscle group or joint. In the case of carpal syndrome, it's the bending wrist combined with frequent finger movement that continued too long and harmed the nerve going through the wrist. Many types of hand pain are also caused by over striking of the fingers on keyboard.

The small size of this touchless keyboard is designed for operation with one hand. This means your working hand can be switched at any time so that one side of the hands and shoulders can rest and recover while typing continues. Your posture can also be adjusted anytime to avoid over strain of your back.

It's better to develop a habit of switching hands to avoid not only the pain and development of carpal tunnel syndrome, but also the pain from the arthritis in hand, arthritis in finger, or other type of hand pain.

5. You still have tactile feedback, and can use multiple fingers.

Even though using fingers to type is not necessary and not recommended for this touchless computer keyboard, especially for those with carpal tunnel syndrome, have arthritis in hand or arthritis in finger, or just have hand pain, you can touch the frame or bottom as hard as you like if you are just a die-hard touch-typest. Many users have expressed their appreciation of the guiding walls around the keys that let the fingers find the keys naturally.

This keyboard provides a visual feedback of LED lighting up for each key down. You can also turn on the computer's input sound option to get an audio feedback.

6. It responds faster than a regular push-button keyboard.

The speed gain comes in 3 factors. First, you save the time and work of pushing down keys against a spring or rubber-dome underneath each push-button key.

Second, the key strokes respond faster. This is because for push-button keyboards, a software algorithm called "debounce" is implemented to delay each key down response for a fraction of a second to make sure the key contact with the circuit board is stabilized. This time of delay is saved in our touchless keyboard.

The third factor is that the distance between keys of this touchless keyboard are smaller than that of the push-button keys. So your fingers travel less distance for the same amount of input.

These performance issues may not matter much for a regular person. But for someone with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis in hand or arthritis in finger, the speed gain may mean not fall behind too much in productivity. It may also mean the suffering from hand pain is shortened.

7. You can still use all 10 fingers for fastest input, each hand one keyboard, that is.

This can be faster than a full sized keyboard, if you practise...

If you have carpal tunnel syndrome, have arthritis in hand or arthritis in finger, it can mean so much to your hand pain if you place an order and start to feel the difference now.

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